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What is ZTH?

The Zethereum - ZTH cryptocurrency is a token issued on the Signum blockchain in December 2021. The Signum blockchain allows you to issue smart tokens that can interact with smart contracts. Now ZTH is its own token in the Signum blockchain with the asset ID: 9518219425200752102, and it is controlled by the GrandPoolZTH and GrandRewardZTH smart contracts.

The ZTH token was issued in the amount of 100,000,000 units. 70% of the minted coins are available for mining, another 30% are aimed at the development of the project. In automatic mode, every 6 hours smart contracts distribute 100 ZTH between all participants of mining and staking.

How is the mining process?

Mining of ZTH tokens is not a process of creating blocks and signing transactions. It is carried out from smart contracts according to a pre-hard-coded algorithm.

This technology was previously used by the developers of the blockchain and the TON cryptocurrency. But TON went down the path of staking in the future. ZTH continued its development along the path of virtual mining.

The smart contract algorithm distributes 100 ZTH every 6 hours between all participants. And therefore does not use the resources of your equipment at all. This means that Zethereum can be mined in parallel with the mining of any other cryptocurrency, including SIGNA.

Is the ZTH actually a mining process?

Signum introduced the world to the decentralized Proof of Commitment (PoC +) consensus. Its main advantage is to increase the efficiency of mining by fixing the balance on your own account, and not by buying new equipment. Such a fixation of the balance is called a commitment. The greater your commitment, the higher the efficiency of your mining.

Zethereum also uses this advantage, allowing the mining process to be carried out by fixing so-called virtual tokenized gigabytes on your account. The VGB token with the asset ID: 9381200141252723234 performs the function of commitment fixation. Thus, the more virtual gigabytes you have, the higher the efficiency of your mining.

What are the mechanisms of ZTH smart contracts?

The architecture of Zethereum is built on a bundle of three types of smart contracts.

Token Selling Contract: Allows users to buy virtual gigabytes, i.e. VGB tokens through a contract.

ZTH Distribution Contract: Periodically distributes ZTH tokens to VGB token holders.

ZTH Payer Contract: Pays SIGNA to holders of ZTH tokens.

The entire system with a detailed description and open source code is available on github.

What makes up the income?

The economy of Zethereum is not cyclical and is built in such a way that it attracts capital from external sources. We conclude partnership agreements on mutually beneficial terms, thereby expanding and scaling our business model.

At the moment, the economic model of Zethereum receives income from investing in the stock market - it is a monthly coupon income from bonds and dividends from stocks. Also, income is provided from cryptocurrency affiliate programs, commissions from the sale of own and partner NFT and DeFi applications.

Advertising projects, liquidity pools and partnership agreements with mining pools are next in line. It is also planned to bring the financial instrument to centralized exchanges.

What will my earnings from investing in ZTH consist of?

Investments in Zethereum allow you to receive three types of income.

  • Virtual mining. You will need at least 1 tokenized HDD (VGB token id: 9381200141252723234) to mine ZTH tokens.
  • Private staking. Keep at least 20,000 ZTH tokens on your Signum account to receive regular rewards in ZTH tokens.
  • Holding. Keep at least 1 ZTH token on your Signum account to receive regular dividends in SIGNA coins.
  • What is the profitability of ZTH?

    The profitability of ZTH mining consists of various factors. The most important are the cost of the ZTH tokens themselves, as well as the cost of the SIGNA coin, the number of participants in mining and the complexity of mining (the number of virtual gigabytes minted), regular dividend payments, as well as periodic partner payments. At the same time, the cost of ZTH has been steadily growing for the last half a year.

    Can I try it for free?

    Until December 25, 2022, it is still possible to get ZTH for free. The AirDrop program is in effect. You can get up to 10,000 ZTH tokens in exchange for your social media links.